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Taxa: Polypodium hesperium (Polypodium prolongilobum, Polypodium vulgare subsp. columbianum, Polypodium vulgare var. columbianum, Polypodium vulgare var. hesperium, Polypodium vulgare f. perpusillum, Polypodium vulgare var. perpusillum)
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Arizona State University Vascular Plant Herbarium

ASU0083286Robert J. Rodin   68491962-04-22
United States, California, Fresno, Yosemite National Park, 100 yards above Arch Rock, 37.448512 -119.067373

Garrett Herbarium, Natural History Museum of Utah

UT0006914J.D. Morefield   JDM-2274(i)1984-07-04
United States, California, Mono, White Mountains. Fishlake drainage; W wall of Tres Plumas Cr. 1.5 mi N25°E of McCloud Camp., 37.532985 -118.15677, 2978m

iNaturalist Fern Observations

Polypodium hesperium Maxon
16109021Don Rideout   2018-08-31
United States, California, 33.774672 -116.675881

Polypodium hesperium Maxon
31378804Don Rideout   2019-08-21
United States, California, 33.775087 -116.676235

Lundell and University of Texas at Austin herbaria

00511771G. K. Helmkamp|E.A. Helmkamp   143492009-03-07
United States, California, El Dorado, Northern Sierra Nevada Mtns. Foothills: along Rock Creek Road, 5.4 miles west of Finnon lake; beside Rock Creek (Garden Valley 7.5'Q, ±1000m)., 38.795555556 -120.776388889

New York Botanical Garden

3792616J. D. Morefield   JDM-2274(a)1984-07-04
United States of America, California, Mono Co., Fishlake drainage; west wall of Tres Plumas Creek 1.5 miles N25°E of McCloud Camp. White Mountains., 2978m

3792642S. B. Parish   50491901-06-20
United States of America, California, San Bernardino Co., Snow Canon [Canyon], San Bernardino Mts., 1829m

3792644R. T. Clausen   49151940-07-21
United States of America, California, Mendocino Co., Woods of Sequoia sempervirens along stream about 3 miles northeast of Fort Bragg., 15m

Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History

US 394331S. B. Parish   50491901-06-20
United States, California, San Bernardino, Southern California. Snow Cañon, San Bernardino Mts.

US 1086471R. Kessler   s.n.1921-09-00
United States, California, Southwest Museum, Los Angeles, North side of Tahquitz Peak, San Jacinto Mts, Riverside Co, 2664m

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

United States, California

University and Jepson Herbaria

UC1472771Bob Rodin   1940-07-01
United States, California, Tuolumne, Near Pinecrest above Lake Eleanor, 38.050028 -119.802428, 1828m

UC1713552Alan R. Smith, C. D. MacNeill   6781976-09-23
United States, California, San Bernardino, New York Mts, 550 m NNE of New York Mt. Peak (Keystone Canyon), 35.265302 -115.307836, 2130m

UC284883P. A. Munz   76241923-08-22
United States, California, San Bernardino, Vivian Creek San Bernardino Mts., 34.0872 -116.8851, 2194m

UC667947Joseph P. Tracy   146211955-08-07
United States, California, Trinity, Devil's Canyon Mountains, at head of White's Creek, 40.95075 -123.22976, 2133m

UC1178425R. J. Rodin   63131958-08-27
United States, California, Tuolumne, 1 mi above Strawberry Lake (up middle fork of Stanislaus River 1 mi, in valley behind old Chinese Dam, Pinecrest), 38.20425 -119.9592

UC1415289Bill Brophy   97510D111975-09-10
United States, California, San Bernardino, Keystone Canyon; New York Mts., 35.268351 -115.292473

UC1936266G. Prlain   s. n.1983-07-24
United States, California, Mariposa, Yosemite National Park, Vernal Falls, 0.1 mi up Mist Trail, 37.728757 -119.546206, 1402m

UC2076736L. Keifer   1966-04-01
United States, California, San Bernardino, San Jacinto Mts, San Bernardino Co, CA

UC2076735Larry Kiefer   4251963-01-20
United States, California, San Bernardino, San Bernardino Co.; San Bernardino Mtns, Bluff Lake (SW Big Bear), 2286m

UC2076739Don Branscomb   1959-12-26
United States, California, Humboldt, Patricks Point, Humboldt Co.

University of Washington Herbarium, Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

Polypodium vulgare var. hesperium (Maxon) A. Nelson & J. F. Macbride
76844John Roos   17651937-07-23
U.S.A., California, San Bernardino, Fish creek, San Bernardino Mts., 34.103797 -116.800873

11320JWTE. L. Peterson   9201929-08-31
U.S.A., California, Los Angeles, Falls Creek, off Mill Creek.<br/>San Bernandino Mountains., 34.277679 -118.59195, 2195m

Vanderbilt University Herbarium

BRIT197424J. D. Morefield   JDM-2274 (k)1984-07-04
United States, California, Mono, White Mountains. Fishlake drainage; W wall of Tres Plumas Cr. 1.5 mi N25°E of McCloud Camp. Seen only near station., 2978m

Page 1, records 1-24 of 24

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