Dataset: F
Taxa: Goniopteris
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Field Museum of Natural History Pteridophyte Collection

Goniopteris paucijuga (Klotzsch) A. R. Sm.
C0647274FA. D. Andrade-Lima   72-70201972-10-13
Brazil, Pernambuco, [precise locality unknown], -8.4 -35.0639

Goniopteris biformata (Rosenst.) Salino & T. E. Almeida
C0675347FI. Huamantupa   152832011-08-04
Peru, Loreto, Datem del Marañón, Morona, Eastern ridge of the Kampankis range, ~14 km south of the Peru-Ecuador border. Near Campsite #1 (Pongo Chinim) on Rapid Biological and Social Inventory #24., -3.088386 -77.769244, 722 - 722m

Goniopteris tetragona (Sw.) C. Presl
C0362780FC. Napier Dawes   5

Goniopteris pennata (Poir.) Pic. Serm.
C0293496FJ. J. Strudwick   37111981-07-29
Brazil, Pará, West bank of Rio Maicuru, ca. 23 km upstream from Lageira airstrip, -0.916667 -54.433333

Page 1, records 1-4 of 4

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